Safety and Security

Often glass that has been installed in windows and doors here in Spain will be plain plate glass which is unsafe when it smashes. This is the most dangerous type of glass and is illegal in many installations around pools, entry ways and other vulnerable areas where people can walk or stumble into the glass. Flaying glass in an explosion or extreme weather conditions is alsothe biggest source of injury and death.

A simple and economic solution to protect your family and clients will be to install a safety film.  Once installed the glass and film stays together when smashed rather than creating dangerous and potentially hazardous shards if you fall though the glass or flying glass caused by accidents and extreme weather.

Its also far more economical than replacing the glass with safety (laminated or toughened) glass, but will do the same job.

Windows and doors are always the simplest entry point for a potential thief. Installing a thicker security film with deter them and give time for the police to respond to a robbery when used in conjunction to an alarm or home security system.



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